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Just Maggie *


October 1992

All Alone

Maggie Carson had always yearned for what others took for granted-the warmth of family, a place to call home… and love. When she found an old letter and discovered the truth about her background, her wistful childhood dream seemed about to be fulfilled.

Cowboy Tyler Murdock was suspicious the minute he laid eyes on the pretty stranger. She claimed she’d come to Texas to meet her long-lost grandparents, but the elderly Carsons had suffered enough heartache. Tyler wasn’t going to let Maggie hurt them the way her bitter, foolish mother had.

The more Tyler made Maggie feel unwelcome at the Murdock Ranch, the more determined she was to stay. She was determined to prove that she wasn’t her mother’s daughter – she was a woman worthy of becoming Tyler Murdock’s wife.


Wildcat Wedding*

(Nominated for a RITA)


June 1995

Will this stubborn Lady Take this Wildcatting Cowboy As Her Partner For Life?

Wildcatter Brett Murdock needed to find the elusive Jessie Burke. He hadn’t expected his adversary to be a pint-sized woman who believed in shooting first and asking questions later! How would he get close enough to make his tempting offer?

Jessie wasn’t about to be taken in by a sweet-talking wildcatting oilman–no matter how well he kissed! Yet, Brett was offering a new future for her family. Trouble was, the closer she got to her new “partner”, the harder it was to imagine her own future without him.

Reilly’s Bride*


April 1996

To escape becoming a bride, Jenny Murdock had impulsively moved to Last Hope, Wyoming. Unfortunately, the place was crawling with eligible bachelors and there weren’t enough women to go around! If she wasn’t careful, she’d find herself hitched…

Luke Reilly was probably the only man in town who didn’t want a wife. For he knew firsthand how unreliable women–and love–could be. But Jenny seemed to be charming everyone in her path…including his two children. And before long, Luke was wishing for a bride of his own…


Nothing Short of a Miracle**

(RT Reviewers’ Choice Award)


July 1997

A FATHER…HAD A WISH. The heart transplant had turned this four-year-old into a happy, and healthy child. But Nick alone couldn’t risk him getting attached to his favorite nurse. For they’d already been abandoned by one woman when the going got tough…

A MOTHER…HAD A PRAYER. Nurse Cari Hallen had lost her own baby but found special comfort in caring for young Danny Malone. Was this wonderful boy and his devoted father the answer to her lonely prayers?

A CHILD HAD A DREAM. Could this little tyke bring these two grown-ups together and make them trust in the miracle of love?


Whose Baby Is This? **


July 2000


Fire burned bright in Tara McNeal’s eyes when she thrust her shocking news on Matt Landers: “You’re my niece’s father.” But the handsome doctor quickly doused her heated accusation with his firm denial of paternity–and delivered a shocker of his own. Though the birth certificate named him as father, another man was responsible!

For a revengeful schemer had stolen Matt’s identity–and now an innocent baby–and her beautiful guardian–were at risk. To protect them, Matt kept “mother” and child within arm’s reach…but his heart stayed miles away, where it was safe from the flickering warmth in Tara’s touch. And though his name had been tarnished by an imposter, Matt would never trade his identity as “confirmed bachelor” for “husband and father”… would he?


The Cowboy’s Baby (aka Her Baby Wish)***

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June 2009

Kira lit up Trace McKane’s life when she said, “I do”– but when no baby McKanes came, they lost sight of their precious bond.

Now Trace is sleeping in the bunkhouse. But when their name reaches the top of the adoption list, he returns to stand firm and strong by his brave, beautiful wife’s side. Kira is touched by how far Trace will go to make her dreams come true. Looking up at her husband as if for the first time, she realizes she has all the family she needs.

It’s then that she’s given a miracle….

Baby on Board from bump to baby and beyond…

Daddy By Christmas ***


December 2010

The bachelor and the baby!

Jarrett McKane has never believed in Christmas–mistletoe and family just aren’t for him! Yet he is drawn toward soon-to-be mom Mia Saunders, even though she’s cast him as a scrooge.

For the first time ever Jarrett puts someone else first when trouble comes calling for Mia. And when her bump becomes a baby, he’s even at her bedside!

Before Mia, Christmases were spent alone. Now this previously ruthless tycoon might have just have found a fairy tale ending for all his Christmases to come!



Race To The Altar


May 1994

Single Cowboy seeks: Bride And Baby

Griff Garrison needed a wife–fast. But not only a wife–he needed a baby. The only thing he didn’t need was love and that was just fine with Laney Jones, who just happened to be single–and pregnant.

Marrying Laney guaranteed that Griff would win his father’s crazy contest by producing an heir. Finally, the ranch would be his. As for Laney, her money troubles would be over, and her baby would have a name.

Griff  prided himself on his plan–until the first night he spent with Laney as man and wife…

The Cowboy’s Courtship


February 1995

That Night in the Rockies…Colorado cowboy Lafe Coulter never refused a willing female. Until the night heartsore Michelle Royer let him kiss away her tears–and her inhibitions. Lafe had nobly sent Michelle packing. He wasn’t a man who made promises, and she wasn’t the type who’d be happy with less. But her heart-stopping beauty and innocent ways haunted him, making him hungry for more…

One Year Later…Once, Michelle had bared her sorrows–and her soul–to Lafe. But he’d turned her down, leaving her hot-cheeked with memories of melting in his arms, Now he was back–his desires plain, and his intentions clear. He wanted Michelle. And this time, he was asking for nothing less than marriage.

The Cowboy’s Convenient Bride


November 1997


The most handsome man in Texas has asked Megan Delaney to be his bride–well his convenient bride. For when social services came a-callin’ on the bachelor cowboy raising his adopted kid sister, Linc Stoner acted fast. And there Megan mysteriously was–a woman better suited to help raise the girl than anyone knew…

Megan had come to Linc’s ranch to make good on a promise. And before she could blink an eye, she’d fallen in love with Linc and had her heart stolen by his sister. But could she marry the man of her dreams with a gigantic lie standing between them?


Texas Ranger Takes A Bride

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September 2008

A child is missing, Texas Ranger Chase Landon has to find him. And the boy he’s rescuing is the son he never knew he had…

Mallory was heartbroken when Chase left. She knew his duty was to save those in need, but he didn’t ever  realize that Mallory needed him most. Now she can only watch as her boy bonds with the man who once stole her heart

Mallory’s bright emerald eyes have long invaded Chase’s dreams, but now they hold sadness and fear. It’s as though she doesn’t realize that he’s back to claim his bride as well as his son…


The Rancher’s Doorstep Baby


January 2008

The littlest cowgirl needs a daddy.

Cole Parrish arrived at the Bar H ranch to work. That was all. Not to settle down, and certainly not to be tempted by the stunning redhead running the ranch by herself.

Now a little baby has arrived on the doorstep – and Rachel has gone from aunty to mother overnight. She needs all the help she can get…but Cole can’t stay. He never promised anything.
Rachel’s heart is stolen by the sight of the dark, brooding rancher with the tiny infant in his arms, but she has to ask herself – if he’s so set on leaving why is Cole still here?



Wedding Bells At Wandering Creek Ranch


April 2008

His assignment: to rescue, protect–and propose?

P.I. Jack Sullivan, black-eyed and dark hearted, is at Wandering creek Ranch on official business–business that doesn’t include falling for the striking blonde who tries to throw him off her land…

Willow Kingsly’s ranch in the Hollywood Hills is her sanctuary. She’ll fight the gorgeous stranger and protect her own. What she doesn’t realize is that Jack’s on her side, and when she’s in his arms he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe…




Becoming the Tycoon’s Bride

with Liz Fielding


March 2011

Two irresistible tycoons claim their Brides.

The Tycoon’s Marriage Bid by Patricia Thayer

Hugh McCutcheon is renowned for getting what he wants, and he wants Ellie Flanagan’s business! Bur when Hugh meets flame-haired, kind Ellie, suddenly a strict business bid is the last thing on his mind. His new proposal aims toward the altar!

Chosen as the Sheikh’s Wife by Liz Fielding

After a beautiful stranger discovers his long-lost heirloom under a floorboard, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa swoops in to protect innocent Violet Hamilton. Now, with greedy enemies gathering, the only way he can keep her safe is to put her on his private jet, take her to his desert kingdom and.. marry her!


Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage

with Donna Alward


November 2009

Winter wishes for two sisters at Rocking H Ranch

SNOWBOUND COWBOY by Patricia Thayer

Lone wolf Boone Gifford has spent years standing on the outside. Now he’s looking at Christmas–through the window of beautiful Amelia’s home. The snow falls hard–the stranded family needs help. It’s time for the cowboy to step inside.


Kelly is rancher, housekeeper, doting sister to Amelia, granddaughter and aunt–and the stress of preparing the perfect Christmas at Rocking H ranch is getting to her. But distraction soon arrives in the form of delectable chef Mack Dennison.

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