Chance’s Joy

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May 2001


When Chance Randell helped deliver Joy Spencer’s baby, he had no idea this stubborn city girl would stand in the way of his dream. The mother-daughter duo were now the owners of his neighbors ranch-the land Chance planned to buy. Surely a faired haired beauty–even one who stirred a yearning in him, making him want things he couldn’t afford to want–couldn’t run a ranch alone?

Chance offered his help, but learned this widowed single mom needed more than muscle. She needed to keep her wealthy in-laws from gaining custody of her baby. And all Chance had to say to make the ranch his own was “I do!”



A Child For Cade


June 2001


When Cade Randall spotted Abbey Moreau again, he couldn’t calm the wild beating of his heart. But when he saw the boy beside her, it wasn’t the passion of romance and long-lost yearning that swept over him. Instead it was the realization he was a father–and Abby had never told him!

A protected teenager, Abby hadn’t been able to fight her father–or trust Cade’s love. So she’d vowed to raise her child alone. Now Cade demanded they wed–but he never mentioned love. This time should she just trust in Cade?



Travis Comes Home


July 2001


When Travis Randell first spied the raven-haired pregnant beauty on his family’s land, he was hell-bent on having her arrested for trespassing! Seeking refuge at the Circle B Ranch after his greedy partner—and former fiancée!—ruined him, Travis was in no mood to welcome strangers.

But Josie Gutierrez was no stranger. Josie was the photographer for the new guest ranch brochure. And it wasn’t Josie’s camera that distracted Travis…it was her deep hazel eyes and intoxicating smile. Travis found himself drawn to her and her unborn child. But would Travis still believe in this picture-perfect love when he learned the real reason Josie came to the Circle B?


Jared’s Texas Homecoming


August 2003


Always the black sheep, Jared Trager came to Texas, looking for truth about his heritage, not to get hitched! But sassy single mom Dana Shayne, and her spunky son Evan, needed Jared’s help to save their ranch…and he needed them more than his heart was willing to admit.

Dana was crazy to fall for another man promising her the moon, yet she couldn’t resist Jared’s generous proposal. He seemed determined to care for them, but Dana worried he might leave to pursue old dreams. How could she convince him that the path to true happiness led back to her and Evan?



Wyatt’s Ready-Made Family


February 2004


Maura Wells thought she’d finally found a home for her uprooted family on a sprawling Texas ranch. Until an intruder barged in–all six-foot-plus, heart-stealing-man–and claimed her new home actually belonged to him…

A man in search of his heritage, Wyatt Gentry arrived at the Rocking R in the dead of the night only to find an alluring interloper pointing a rifle at him! Wyatt had no choice but to offer to share his digs with the head-turning blonde and her children. But having them arround was fast turning the temporary arrangement into a permanent affair…and a crusty Lone Star bachelor into a family man.




Dylan’s Last Dare


March 2004


Bull-riding champion Dylan “The Devil” Gentry had females of all ages eating out of the palm of his hand. Except his pretty physical therapist, the no-nonsense Brenna Farren. His stolen kisses–aimed to make her quit–only made him more eager to keep the feisty redhead around!

And once the ruggedly handsome cowboy learned that Brenna was expecting and alone, his protective instincts kicked in. Knowing her family would be disappointed in her single status, Dylan proposed a temporary marriage to give the unborn babe his name. But would Dylan take the biggest dare of all–and settle down?


Luke: The Cowboy Heir



The Cowboy’s ready-made family

Luke never saw himself as a cowboy, But he is a Randell, and the land is in his blood. Now it’s calling him back.

Blond beauty Tess Meyers is waiting for Luke ready to fight for the ranch she and her little daughter call home. She thought she was prepared, but that was before she caught the piercing gaze of the tycoon cowboy…

The businessman in Luke would evict them without a care.  But the cowboy in him has different ideas. They come with his land–and he’s here to lay claim to what’s his.

 January 2009, ISBN 0-373-17559-8

Brady: The Rebel Rancher

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March 2009

He thought no woman could tame him. He thought wrong!

Brady Randell has always been a rebel, Even now, injured, out of the Air Force, he’s a dark presence on the Randell ranch. But enter lovely Lindsey Stafford, and a glint appears in the headstrong pilot’s eye.

Despite her innocence, Lindsey takes Brady’s brooding nature in her stride. But her arrival has rocked the Randell family to the core. She has secrets that could destroy them.

Now it’s up to Brady to fight once more. Not for his country this time, but for the woman who’s found a place in his heart.



The No. 1 Sheriff in Texas


May 2010

Randell men are hard to resist.

Hired to protect and serve, Detective Brandon Randell wears his hat low and his badge polished

Randell men love for a lifetime.

After Brandon rescues Nora Donnelley and her young son, they remind him there could be more to life than duty.

Randell men never give up.

Running from her past, Nora has bumped into her future. She plans to run again soon…but not if Brandon can help it!


The Lionhearted Cowboy Returns


June 2010

When cowboy Jeff Gentry tips his Stetson, you’ll lose your Heart

Rancher Lacey Guthrie must auction her livestock to keep a roof over her little family’s heads. The man bidding on her prized horses looks up and she’s left reeling! Jeff’s come back from the army in the same way he left– silently broodingly and bringing a whole heap of storming emotions.

Jeff believes he’s beyond redemption. How will Lacey show him he’s a genuine hero?