Slater’s Bride (Montana Sky)


February 2016

A sweet romance set in Montana Territory in 1887 in a small mining town, Morgan’s Crossing.

Loretta Drennan learns about her stepfather’s plot to sicken her mother and take over the family business in Chicago. Letty flees to Montana in search of her brother, Johnny, to seek his help. Traveling alone, she meets Paul Slater who claims to own a ranch with Johnny as his partner. He offers to escort her on the two-day journey to their ranch in Morgan’s Crossing.

Hoping to out-run a looming snowstorm, they instead get stranded in a cabin. Days later they finally reach their destination. Reunited with her brother she pleads her case for him to return home. Johnny wants to help but his share of stocks will not give him the needed votes to gain control of the family company. Letty can only get her shares when she turns twenty-five or by marrying. Paul steps in to help by offering to wed his friend’s sister.

They plan a wedding, in name-only, but there are real underlying feelings. When left alone at the ranch house the truth begins to come out. But the honeymoon is interrupted when a stranger shows up and kidnaps the bride. Can Paul save the woman he’s fallen in love with before it’s too late?


The Princess Has Amnesia! (Crown and Glory Series)

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August 2002


When Princess Anastasia’s private jet crashed, she couldn’t recall her royal roots. Her handsome rescuer, former FBI agent Jake Sanderstone, took the beautiful lone survivor to his humble home. And while Jake struggled to untangle a web of clues, the only thing the pair discovered was an undeniable attraction burning between them…

As they were trapped by stormy weather, desire raged, though Jake fought off his longing to ravish the anonymous beauty. But as Princess Anastasia’s memory slowly returned, would their new found love become something of the past–or be something so powerful that it could supersede the demands of duty and country?


Coming Home To The Cowboy (Bella Lucia Series)


August 2006


New York advertising executive Rebecca Valentine is now facing her biggest challenge–her biological clock. In an effort to get her life sorted out, Rebeca travels to a tranquil ranch in Wyoming…

Charming, easygoing Mitchell Tucker isn’t at all what Rebecca expected. For this rancher is not only a millionaire businessman but also a world-class dad devoted to his two adorable children. Rebecca can’t deny their attraction. But can she really leave the life she thought she wanted–to reach for the unknown?



Baby, Our Baby! (Men in Uniform)

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February 1999, re-issued July 2010

Jake Hawkins had returned to town to face his past—and had come face-to-face with a nine-month-old daughter he’d never known about. Now he wanted the best for Daddy’s little darling. And that meant his baby girl needed a full-time father…and mother.

Ali Pierce had always loved Jake, but as the mother of his child, she was afraid to trust Jake’s love for her. After all, they’d spent only one night together—one unforgettable night. So how could Ali trust Jake’s proposal?




The Cowboy’s Adopted Daughter (The Brides of Bella Rosa)

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August 2010

Alex Casali cut ties with his roots long ago. Now he’s a Texas cowboy. But even a Stetson can’t disguise the Italian fire in his eyes.

Hired to run a quilting course at the A Bar A ranch, Allie is appalled when a brooding cowboy accuses her of trespassing. Manners make a man, and strong single mom Allie wants nothing to do with arrogant Mr. Casali.

But when her little daughter utters her first words in a year to Alex, Allie begins to wonder whether there’s more behind his smoldering gray eyes than she first thought.




What A Man Needs (Logan’s Legacy)

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December 2010

Actress Cynthia Reynolds grew tired of keeping herself perfect for each movie role, so she returned home for a break. One night she met brooding Patrick Tanner, who didn’t know he was flirting with a Hollywood starlet. And she had a thing or two to show this country boy!

With a legacy like his, Patrick didn’t need any complications, but Cynthia charmed him to distraction. In fact, as time stood still with her, he realized one night wasn’t enough…but a lifetime could be just right.



The Cowboy Comes Home (Larkville Legacy)



July 2012


Single mom Jess Calhoun has learned the hard way not to listen to or trust a man in a Stetson; her young sons dad was long gone. But that doesn’t stop Jess from noticing good-looking, sweet talking cowboy Jonny Jameson swagger into town. He’s as wild and untamed as the stallions he trains.

…is where the girl who’s stolen his heart is

The attraction between them is  as fiery as a Texas summer and Jonny finds himself questioning whether he could finally put down roots—in Larkville, a place where two very special people have taken hold of his heart.



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