Raising The Rancher’s Family

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April 2007

A wife and a child for Holt…

New York tycoon Holt Rawlins has ditched his suits, worn in his cowboy boots and pulled his stetson down low. He’s back home to find the truth, not to make friends!

That is until beautiful Leah Keenan bursts into his life. She brings with her a small boy who needs their help. And Holt becomes both father and protector.

Leah knows that the family they’ve created isn’t real and soon she’ll have to return to their old life. But to leave will break her heart.

Will the rugged Rancher persuade her to stay?


The Sheriff’s Pregnant Wife


May 2007

A Father for her baby…

Surprise is an understatement for Sheriff Reed Larkin when he finds out his childhood sweetheart has returned hone. After all these years Paige Keenan’s smile can still make his heart ache. But what’s the secret he can see in her whisky-colored eyes?

There’s a little baby growing inside Paige, and it needs all the love and care she can give.  In Reed’s strong, protective arms she knows that both she and the baby will be safe.

Dare Paige dream that they could one day become a family?




A Mother For The Tycoon’s Child


June 2007

Rescued by the tycoon…

Everyone in the town of Destiny thinks dedicated mayor Morgan Keenan has no time for relationships. It takes newcomer tycoon and caring single father Justin Hillard to see past her defenses.

With the help of his cute little daughter, Justin slowly helps the beautiful, willowy redhead understand that she can love and be loved in return. Morgan belongs with them–not only as his adored wife, but as the mother she was meant to be.



Single Dad’s Holiday Wedding



December 2012

A mommy for Christmas?

Summoned back to her hometown, Lori Hutcheson hides her apprehensions behind a dazzling smile. She may be totally out of her depth, stepping into her father’s corporate shoes, but she has a job to do…

Single Dad Jace has learned to rely on himself and his adorable little daughter His construction business now depends on him working with Lori– so Jace sets out to prove who’s boss…

But with the holiday season drawing near, it’s not all just business. Jace discovers a sweet, generous woman hiding behind those pinstripes…

Her Rocky Mountain Protector



February 2013

He’s brooding, wary…but underneath lies a good heart.

With military dog in tow, ex-soldier Grady Fletcher plans to keep his troubled mind occupied while staying on his grandfather’s property–until it’s time to move on again.

Single mother Gina Williams is usually wary around men. Yet she gets the distinct feeling that beneath Grady’s rugged, guarded exterior lies a kind, honest, trustworthy man.

So when Gina’s little boy goes missing there is only one person she’ll turn to for help–a man whose survival instinct is as strong as his heart…

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