4387The Cowboy She Couldn’t Forget

August 2013, #1


One Stolen kiss with a cowboy

When Ana Slater’s father is taken ill, she knows she can’t look after the Lazy S Ranch alone.  There is one man who can help.  The cowboy she had found it impossible to forget—Vance Rivers. 

With the words “Works hard and hands off my daughters!” etched into his memory.  Vance knew from the very beginning that Ana was strictly off-limits—no matter what!  All he could do was ensure he was the best cowboy in Montana.

But now, with Ana back on the ranch, the rules are set to change.  And finally their chance at happiness might be just around the corner…


November 2013, #2

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 Return to ranching country with bestselling author Patricia Thayer—don’t miss the second in her      enthralling Slater Sisters series!

Driving through the Lazy S Ranch after ten years away, the first person Josie Slater sees is the  gorgeous-as-ever Garrett Temple! The memories of her first love and her first broken heart come flooding back.

She doesn’t have time for old attractions, as the Lazy S needs her help! But when a snowstorm blows in, Josie and Garrett are left stranded together. With nowhere to run, the feeling that they still belong together is undeniable….


December 2013, #3

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 On the run… and right into a cowboy’s arms.

 When being stalked by an ex-boyfriend, Tori Slater leaves the Montana family ranch to make a new life at Great-Great-Grandmother Rachel’s homestead, Colton Creek Ranch in Wyoming. Suddenly there a brand new complication when the caretaker’s grandson becomes her new business partner and soon her heart gets involved in the partnership.

 Ex-cop, Logan McNeely, has his own dreams of a solitary life, raising free-range cattle on his neighboring ranch. Half his dream ends with his grandfather’s recent death. Then in walks Tori to add problems he didn’t need. He can’t seem to ignore her, and when danger comes to the homestead, more than his cop instincts kick in.

 To save her, he has to save himself first before they can have a future together.


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1983--The Slater saga begins.....

Walking down the midway at the Frontier Days rodeo, saddle bronc rider, Colt Slater, sees a woman trapped atop the Ferris Wheel.
One look at the dark-haired beauty and he instantly falls in love. Now, all he has to do is convince Lucia Delgado he’s the man she's meant to spend her life with.
Lucia is on the run, trying to escape her father’s control and an arranged marriage she wants no part of back in Mexico. No matter how much Colt intrigues her, falling in love is out of the question. Yet, when Colt’s takes her home to his Montana ranch will she be able to resist what he’s offering? Even with the danger hanging over her head?


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Wyoming cowboy rushes in and saves the day.

With a deadline looming, soon to be a single mother, Marissa Slater has no choice but to head to the family’s homestead to photograph wild mustangs for a gallery showing. What she’s not expecting is the area to be under a tornado watch, or the sexy neighbor, Seth Cameron, carrying her to safety. Then he becomes her personal assistant whether she likes it or not.

Seth doesn’t have time for a houseguest, but he can’t leave Marissa out in the cold. He needs to concentrate on his rodeo rough stock business, not the woman who has invaded his solitary life, making him feel things he thought that were buried with his wife and child.

Can he once again find that picture perfect family?

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