The Secret Millionaire


June 1999


One youthful summer night Rick Covelli captured innocent Jill Morgan’s heart, then headed for Texas without her. Now the charming oilman was back. But Jill had an ironclad commitment to her child–and no intention of entrusting her fragile heart to another man ever again.

Striking it rich hadn’t erased Rick’s desire for the angelic beauty beyond his reach. She asked him for nothing, but he could give her the world with his secret wealth. Though he wanted to protect and provide for Jill and little Lucas, he had to resist. Because Rick was a sweet-talking adventurer, not a small-town family man… wasn’t he?


Her Surprise Family


September 1999


Rafe Covelli saw marriage as The Great Surrender. But new-gal-in-town Shelby Harris had this die-hard bachelor’s mind swimming with thoughts of home-cooked meals, passionate bedtime kisses and baby cuddles. These were not the dreams of a self-respecting single male! But hard as he tried, when Rafe took sweet Shelby into his arms he couldn’t let go. All his survival instincts went on red alert. She so clearly longed for a family…a husband…him. So why didn’t he retreat? Could it be this solitary man was about to surrender…to a lifetime of love?


The Man, The Ring, The Wedding


December 1999


Just when Angela Covelli was about to pitch her hopes of a “forever man” into the whistling wind, along came the dreamiest bachelor. John Rossi was gorgeous, sophisticated, wealthy–and just passing through town. Which put the dark tycoon off-limits!

Angelina was so innocent…and utterly irresistible. But kissing was not part of the plan. His true identity secret, John intended to complete his family’s vendetta against the Covellis. No matter how alluring he found sweet Angelina, John would never compromise his mission by wedding the enemy. Then again, he did have that ruby ring…


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