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My 6,000-mile Summer Adventure


When my husband, Steve and I began our summer vacation, we thought driving across country would be boring. Since we had so many stops to make, it wasn’t practical to fly. It wasn’t boring at all, and that’s great to say after over 40 years together.

Our first stop was the RWA Conference in San Antonio. Since I signed up late, the conference hotel was booked, so I had booked another hotel. Why do these places sometimes look better on the Internet than in person? OMG, it was so bad that I refused to stay and my husband agreed. We ended up at the historical Menger Hotel, built in 1858—and got an extra bonus, the place is haunted. Rumor has it they’re friendly ghosts, and the hotel even does a dinner/ghost tours every evening. Since I was busy with the conference, I didn’t have a chance to go to test the fact.

RWA conference was just a stone’s throw away from our hotel from the Marriott. Easy traveling through the mall, and there you were, right in the middle of everything, and the best meeting place, the bar. I got to see old friends from years past, and even made a new one. That’s what RWA conference’s are mainly about, women supporting women and writers supporting writers.

The Harlequin party was on Friday night and I got dressed up– changed my outfit three times—then met some other author friends there, Judy Duarte and Linda O. Johnston. With the loud music it’s difficult to talk, but there was plenty of wine and delicious chocolate to enjoy.

My favorite part is seeing my editor, new and old, Mary Theresa Hussey, and executive editor in New York, and Bryony Green senior editor in the UK. Both these women have been important to my career, Mary Theresa pulled my first manuscript out of the slush pile years ago, and in 2005 when I went to the Harlequin Romance line, I was sent to the UK and Bryony, who bought several books from me. I’ve never taken for granted on any of the 40 books I’ve sold. I’ve been truly blessed to be able to call myself an author and a member of Romance Writers of America.


To be continued…

 Until next time, Happy Reading! Patricia

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