Ready or not, here comes spring. 

Well, February has come and gone and so have the Winter Olympics.  I have to admit this time I was a little skeptical about what would happen with all the security troubles Russia was having even before the start of the games.  Yet, they pulled it off beautifully. 

I was especially excited this year because our neighbor at our Lake Arrowhead cabin, RafaeColton Cowboy Ecover FINALl Artunian, is a coach for American figure skater, Ashley Wagner.   We would see Rafael on television, giving advice to Ashley, then sitting next to her while she waited for her scores.  It was nice to have a personal connection to the Olympic Games, and of course, I cheered on all our athletes.  They’ve worked so hard to reach the peak of excellence to compete with the best in the world.  

 Now, February has come and gone, and I can get back to my normal routine, too.   By the time I post this blog, my book THE COLTON CREEK COWBOY will be up on Create Space.   And my new book, Colt and Lucia’s story, LOVE STRUCK COWBOY, will be going up on Amazon within the next few weeks.  

I know it’s taken more time than I thought, but anything worthwhile is.  

As always I look forward to chatting with readers, so please connect with me here, or on my Facebook Author Page. Have a question you’re dying to have answered? Ask me here or on FB I’ll try my best to answer it. Until next time, Happy Reading! Patricia


Welcome back Friends and Fans,

First, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!

I love this season!  I know the decorations and music begins far too soon, but we end up needing all the time we can get to be ready for the special day.  I’m definitely not finished shopping, and thanks to my wonderful niece who has volunteered to do the family party for me this year.  Bless you, Emily.   

It’s also been a busy few months for me getting my new INDIE book ready for its release on December 17th.   Not as easy as I planned, but nothing that is done right is.  I want all my readers to enjoy my new addition to the Slater Sister series. 



And now the 3rd book, Tori Slater’s story, COLTON CREEK COWBOY. 

It’s also my hope is that you all can take some time out of your hectic schedule for a few hours from wrapping gifts, decorating trees and baking cookies.  How about you come visit me on FaceBook, TUESDAY DEC, 17th   between 10:00 and 4:00 EST for my launch of COLTON CREEK COWBOY. 

Pat Thayer FB

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, there will also be plenty of gifts, books, gift cards, chocolate, and a swag bag filled with all kinds of goodies.  And for those of you who can’t visit us when we’re live, there will be after hours’ drawings, too.      

I’m most excited because many of my friends will be joining me throughout the day.  And I’m sure in this list there is some of your favorite authors, too.  If not, this is your chance to maybe find a new favorite.    

Candis Terry, Debra Holland, Laura Drake, Susan Squires, Mindy Neff, Linda McLaughlin, Barbara Ankrum and Jill Marie Landis.

  I hope you will join me and my fellow author for a fun day!     

Come join us and please share the graphic and link!

Pat Thayer FB